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FinCEN/OFAC Consulting

The overriding goal of the 2002 National Money Laundering Strategy (issued by the US Treasury and US Justice Departments) is to deny terrorist groups access to the international financial system, to impair the ability of terrorists to raise funds, and to expose, isolate and incapacitate the financial networks of terrorists. If you do not have systems in place to prevent this, you may be part of the problem!

If you are a financial institution, as defined by the Bank Secrecy Act or the USA PATRIOT Act, then you are subject to the USA PATRIOT Act. If you are doing any commerce, then you are subject to OFAC.

Compliance Associates can provide you with OFAC compliance. In addition, for a minor extra fee, we will also advise you of any notices of seizure (NOS (DEA, FBI, USPS, Secret Service)). We will also notify you if any of your accounts are held by customers who are heads of state (COS), or have other politically sensitive positions. We will advise you if any accounts that you had submitted to us previously get added to our OFAC/NOS/COS database in the future. This provides full coverage on FINCEN 314(a) inquiries.

Contact us to see how Compliance Associates can assist you with your compliance needs.


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